Becker Children’s Wing & Green Arts Studio

The Becker Children’s Wing is currently closed due to COVID. We are taking this time to reimagne the Becker Wing to make it truly grand for its reopening.


The Green Arts Studio is a space to create. Recycled materials are provided for guests to make their own creation or participate in a docent led craft. The Museum accepts donations for the Green Arts Studio including, but not limited to: paper towel tubes, yarn, buttons, construction paper, and fabric scraps.

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The Wonder Wing is currently closed due to COVID. We are using this time to reimagine the space to make it truly grand for our reopening!

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The Meyer Art & Nature Area

The Meyer Art & Nature Area is a multifaceted outdoor art area that serves as a classroom for the appreciation of art and nature.  This area has encouraged our educational programs to spill out into a “nature learning center” where the sky is literally the limit! The Meyer Art & Nature Area features an Art Area, Gathering Area, Butterfly Garden, Wildlife Area, Bird Watching Area, Picnic Area, Photo-Op and the famous “Stella”, a large magenta dinosaur created by the late Monmouth County sculptor Jim Gary, made from a collection of auto parts!  This space is open to both families visiting for the day, and can be customized as part of  an educational tour that can be customized for your visiting groups from Spring through Fall!