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The Artwork of Arlene Mollow

June 5 - August 8

Arlene Mollow Artist Statement

The first time I tore a piece of Color-Aid paper and saw that enticing white deckled edge I was hooked on collage. With collage I can play with texture, color, design and content. The work is motivated by images that explore time and change. I would like the viewer to be caught off balance by the tension of a 17th-century scene colliding with a modern skyscraper.


I incorporate accident and surprise along with intuition to reflect what moves me in a piece. Ultimately I am putting a puzzle together with design and content fusing into an organic whole.


The collages are finished with a layer of clear encaustic to meld the components together and preserve the integrity of the image.


I employ the same elements of surprise and intuition when creating my encaustics paintings. Encaustic is a bees wax medium infused with color and varnish. It is melted and then poured or brushed onto a ridged support. It is heated to adhere to the surface. I use multiple layers of translucent encaustic until I achieve the color, movement and texture that are important components of my work. My paintings are based on memories of sea and landscape filtered through my imagination. The images are permeable, flowing around and through , concealing and revealing.


Encaustic was first used by the Greeks in the 5th C.BC . Remains of encaustic can still be seen on marble statues from that era and on Egyptian mummy face painting on wood. I feel I am a part of a continuum with this centuries old art form as I explore the ambiguity of time and history.



The Artwork of Natalia Pas

June 5 - August 8

Natalia Pas Artist Statement

Natalia Pas draws inspiration from her beloved birthplace, a small village in rural Poland. Her brilliantly colorful landscape paintings honor the natural terrains she frolicked across as a child. Formally trained, with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts & Art Education, her work inspires viewers to rejoice in the splendor of the earth, with diverse imagery that allows each piece to highlight the eternal beauty of nature or capture whispers from ephemeral dreamscapes. 


    Natalia has a unique technique of using embroidery on canvas that stems from a long tradition of woman decorating their homes with ornate embroidery. The use of hand embroidered flowers and animals in Poland gives homage to the pride of the land that people own and farm. This connection to nature and hard work is connected in the tedious embroidery that is portrayed in the landscapes.