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I am an Argentine-born artist based in New Jersey and Texas. Through my work I examine my roots as the daughter of German-Jews who escaped the worst years of the holocaust and found refuge in Argentina. The questions I explore in much of my work straddle the experiences of being brought up as the daughter of immigrants in Latin America and the experiences of personal immigration and identity in my adulthood as I emigrated to Israel and then the United States.

In a process of exploring my ancestry, my own individual existence and the effects of a life lived, I use my work to ask questions and find answers. However, like most inquiries about history, identity and accountability, one response often disrupts another. And much like the aftermath of conflict and the unknown consequences of our own actions, I am left with perpetually settling dust.

Within my artwork I express my experience of cultural hybridity. My paintings, sculptures, installations, and works on fabric record an attempt to reconnect to roots torn from their origins; they explore the space where the deeply personal overlaps with the collective experience; they emerge from the emotional labor of processing how to transform inherited trauma into productive participation. My story illuminates how deeply intertwined our personal histories are with that of world history despite the seemingly impersonal geopolitical landscape.


The Main Gallery is designed with the goal to increase interest in the arts and learning. We present thought-provoking rotating exhibitions in the areas of arts, culture, science, and history, and nationally renowned talent along with the work of NJ artists. The exhibitions are curated by our Exhibitions Committee and through memberships with guest curators and national organizations.

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