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The Nilson Gallery is a 900 square foot space, featuring solo exhibitions from our New Jersey Emerging Artists Series, a unique and exciting program for NJ artists who have never had a one-person show of their work in our state. In addition to our Emerging Artists Series, the Nilson Gallery features community-based collaborative exhibitions and exhibits that highlight the talents of our artist members. While closed due to safety precautions, the Monmouth Museum has set up a Virtual Nilson Gallery to continue to support local artists and the community. 

Architecture for
Spaces Unknown

Anna Carina Sinocchi

March 24 - April 23, 2023

Gallery Opening Reception

Sunday, March 26 • 4-6PM

Artist Statement:

My work integrates two disparate processes. It starts with the photogram, a unique, alternative photographic approach to image making utilizing the agency of light on a photo sensitive substrates, which in my work are paper and muslin. The photogram process is automatic and uncontrollable; thus, its outcome is unforeseeable and unique. This approach to photographic representation produces a silhouetted shape that sets the foundation for painting. The way the photograph is developed, and the transfiguration of the material surface reveals my next step in painting. By opening myself up to the unexpected, my engagement with painting is more passive than the workings of a traditional painter. I paint by orchestrating the nature of what is revealed before me.

The works in this exhibition are inspired by motifs and geometric forms utilized in ancient architecture, such as the arch. Forms in both art and architecture are made of physical materials, yet they emanate a sensory experience that extends beyond a material world. Sense provides a gateway to the mysterious, to exploring the metaphysical.

The unknown is a spatial impression, which permeates our being and expands our perception of the world. Architecture for Spaces Unknown is suggestive of those spaces that lie beyond a known world. In many of the works, the focal point is the juncture between the geometric shape and the implied space beyond it.


 Tue-Fri: 12:30 to 4PM  |  Sat & Sun: 10AM to 4PM

Mondays: Closed

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