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The Monmouth Museum is excited to announce the Garrett Reisman Center for Air and Space. Coming to the Becker Wing This Fall!.

Our signature educational exhibits encourage learning through discovery. The Garrett Reisman Center for Air and Space will explore the history of human flight & beyond. Ever wondered what it's like to be an astronaut? You'll learn all about it while seeing the space suit Garrett wore, food he ate and even toys he brought to the International Space Station! Kids will be able to climb in a helicopter cab and check-in with the Friendship 7 from our Mission Control! No trip will be complete without a visit to our Innovation lab where experiments and activities will foster a love of engineering and the STEAM disciplines. Our display of unique artifacts and hands-on activities will spark curiosity and imagination for children and adults of all ages. 



-Garrett Reisman

Garrett Reisman

Born and raised right here in New Jersey Garrett Resiman is a Hometown Hero! A NASA veteran who flew on all three Space Shuttles, Garrett Reisman was selected by NASA as a mission specialist astronaut in 1998. His first mission in 2008 was aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour which dropped him off for a 95 day stay aboard the International Space Station after which he returned to Earth aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery. His second mission in 2010 was aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis. During these missions, Garrett performed 3 spacewalks, operated the Space Station Robot Arm and was a flight engineer aboard the Space Shuttle. 


After leaving NASA in early 2011, he joined Elon Musk at SpaceX where he served in multiple capacities most recently as the Director of Space Operations. 


Garrett stepped down from his full-time position at SpaceX in May of 2018 and in June 2018 he became a Professor of Astronautical Engineering in the Viterbi School at USC.  He also continues to support SpaceX as a Senior Advisor.

Follow our progress!

We are making exciting progress every day! Follow us on our social channels to see the exhibit come to life!

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