The Monmouth Museum recently created Artist Talk, a podcast series interviewing New Jersey artists, as they discuss their creative journeys, techniques, and preferred mediums. Artists share pivotal moments in their life where art had a significant impact, as well as creative outlets that helped shape their life. 

Artist Talk is available on Spotify.


Episode 7: Natalie Lord


Natalie Lord speaks with the Monmouth Museum's Executive Director, Erika Schaefer,  about her artwork, process, and being in the National Association of Women Artists.

Lord's artwork was awarded a Special Commendation Award at our show "National Association of Women Artists: Then and Now". She will be featured at our artist panel discussion on April 28, 2022.

See more of Lord's work on her instagram page @nattsdomino.art_llc

Episode 6: Amy Becker

R (1).jpg

Local NJ artist Amy Becker is interviewed at the Monmouth Museum to talk about her creative journey as a New Jersey-based photographer.

"My interests typically explore visual stories that arise from the random interaction and juxtapositions of people, everyday found objects, and moments within those environments."

Visit to view more of her artwork.

Episode 5: Christine Romanell


Christine Romanell is interviewed at the Monmouth Museum for the fifth episode of Artist Talk to discuss her exhibit and artwork. Christine is a Monmouth Museum New Jersey Emerging Artist. Her colorful wall sculptures and installations explore non-repeating patterns informed by cosmology and physics, while rooting itself in applied design similar to Islamic patterning. Her use of rotational symmetry to generate dimensional forms allude to movement and create an event horizon, a space where the infinite tessellations of universal physics can intersect with patterns, collapsing the divide between the theoretical and the real.


Episode 4: Matt Enger

Wasted Youth # 4.jpg

Matt Enger is interviewed at the Monmouth Museum to talk about his creative journey as a fine artist, discussing his expressive high gloss painting and printmaking, and rhythmic patterns of color. He talks about inspiration, years of experience working alongside his identical twin brother Mark who passed away, and his influences by artists like Lichtenstein, Warhol, or Rauschenberg.


Episode 3: Mark Weiss


Monmouth Museum Board Member Mark Weiss is interviewed at the Museum to discuss his creative journey, inspiration, his new book The Decade That Rocked, and his role as a board member. Mark began photographing rock bands in the seventies while residing in Matawan, NJ. He quickly became the go to guy in the beginning of the eighties, shooting covers for magazines and Album covers of multi-platinum artist one being Slippery When Wet by Jersey’s own Bon Jovi. We welcomed Mark to the Monmouth Museum where he created an Exhibition of his photography from images from his book The Decade That Rocked.


Episode 2: Rosemarie Gelber

Boy With Wing.png

Rosemarie Gelber sits at the Monmouth Museum to discuss her journey as a visual artist. "The most valuable interactions I have encountered have often come from the least expected places. I hope to celebrate this visually by sharing with you the treasures I have found in the people I have photographed. They have given me the opportunity to see the richness that I didn’t fully appreciate until I connected a little more deeply."


Episode 1: William Waggoner

Born and raised in central Jersey, William Waggoner has been able to turn his self-taught talents for art into a sustainable career path when forays into other vocations proved unfulfilling. His work is notable for its eye-catching compositions and bold use of colors, displaying a Pop Art and abstract style rich with enigmatic imagery and dynamic action. He is currently represented by Dab Art Gallery in Los Angeles, CA, with work available on both Artsy and Singulart. In addition to a fine arts career, William is the owner and creative director of Studio Alpha Design, a commercial arts design agency located in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. 

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